Introduction of AEEMM

In accompany to be the construction and completion of several international entertainment complex, residential building complex and the development for special project of the City Mass Transit System, the engineering industry of electrical and mechanical field will have more development opportunity under the booming economy, meanwhile, they also meet the challenge in the operation management and technology in line to the international industry. The Macao professionals in engineering industry of electrical and mechanical field should perform their outstanding, upgrade the operational quality and technique to adapt the future challenge and promote the sustainable development for the E&M industry; this issue is the urgency for professionals in this industry. In order to response this request, the Macao Professional Association of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering (APEMEM) was form in beginning of 2007.

Based on the members’ professional experience and background information, the recognition in local region related to the electrical and mechanical field and sustainable development as well as collaboration to the international professional institutions; the AGM was held on 28 Jan 2008 and approved the name of APEMEM to change in “Macao Institution of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers (AEEMM)”.

The related change express to bring a great step forward in electrical and mechanical engineering field, this was not only have more potential to explore the related development, but also lead our members playing their professional role in cope with the continuous change of the society and the rapid development in electrical and mechanical engineering technology. Moreover, AEEMM will prepare to accept more challenge and contribute more effort on the sustainable development in electrical and mechanical engineering technology.

Members of AEEMM are professional electrical or mechanical engineers working in Macao government technical department, academia, public utilities, consultancy and contractor. We hope to build a platform for E & M engineers in Macao to upgrade their professional technique, competitive and competence.

The Working Scope of Institution:

Institution will organize different type of activities to achieve their mission, these activities will be involved in more electrical & mechanical engineering disciplines such as MV & LV Electrical Distribution System, HVAC, Transit System and Automatic Control System in Building Services Equipment etc.

The type of activities is:

  1. Work Shop
  2. Training Course
  3. Symposium
  4. Publication
  5. Technical Visits

Developing direction and strategic suggestion in mid to long term

  1. To build a platform with industry and other institutions
  2. To build a communication channel with government department.
  3. To build a communication channel with local media.
  4. To build professional/high level training platform, Internet platform.
  5. To build the talent persons database

In order to promote internationalism, the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) was signed with the following professional institutions. Objective is to build more professional connection and collaboration at all in electrical & mechanical engineering field:

  1. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET)
  2. The Society of Operation Engineers (SOE)
  3. Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society (CMES)
  4. Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering Zhuhai (CSEE Zhuhai)
  5. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers of Macau (IEEE Macau)

In order to bring more updated technology in Macao, we are not only organize more activities in the electrical and mechanical disciplines, but also organize those activities in relation to the advance technology in Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation, Automation & Control System and Information & Communication Technology, Gas and LNG and Railway Engineering etc. The above also reflect AEEMM commitment performing in creativity and exploration.

Concerning the sustainable development in the electrical and mechanical field, younger generation is one of important part in the institution and society. By this way, a younger members committee had been formed; there will have more opportunity for them to perform their strength.

Furthermore, promotion of the value in registration of AEEMM members will be one of our great effort, we will encourage more E&M professionals to register in AEEMM, provide more services and contribution in society and electrical & mechanical engineering industry.